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Huobi crypto exchange is serving its users since 2013. It was originally a Chinese crypto exchange but later in the year 2017, when china banned its bitcoin and crypto trading the company started its global expansion. It made some branding adjustment and started offering its services as Huobi Global which offers a platform to trade cryptocurrency and with wide support of altcoin and a large range of stable coin along its own invention HUSD & USD. Huobi Global is almost worldwide, and Huobi also has an HT i.e. Huobi Token which is also referred to as a utility token and has used for competition, fee discounts, and many other matters. In the year 2017 Huobi shifted they're headquartered to Singapore. Through its website, Huobi declared that the exchange has a million users in more than 130 countries. The exchange is now considered among the largest digital cryptocurrency exchange in Asia. The company now has its offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States.

Huobi is one of the safest and reliable platforms that makes it easy for users to trade in this exchange. The exchange offers you over 200 cryptocurrencies and a huge variety of trading pairs. Huobi is also rated high in the trading volume and is also among the top 30 in the industry, so in terms of liquidity, Huobi is quite impressive. Also, Huobi App for multiple operating systems makes it easy to access the exchange from a variety of devices.

So, let us find out what all Huobi offers to its users. Let's begin with our complete review on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange. In Huobi Liquidity, customer support and security are the three major factor that makes the exchange better than the other options in the market.

How is Huobi Trading View?

The different exchanges have different trading views, the description of the best trading view may vary from person to person, it is generally dependent upon which is more comfortable and suits users the best. Like all the other exchanges Huobi normally has in common is that it shows the price chart of the chosen crypto, order book, order history, and the buy and sell boxes. The best thing In Huobi exchange is that it gives a descriptive view with the help of a chart and provides in-depth market data to the users.

Huobi's Customer Support

Huobi has a good history of providing customer supports, It provides 24*7 hours of support to its users. It is also very quick in responding to their customers in account-related issues through live chats and handles all F.A.Q’s through help centers, with the help of a strongly committed team which is quite better than any other exchange in the market. The exchange also provides the option of support tickets which helps the users in resolving their issues.

Besides this, the global operation team also gives updates in multiple languages on its dedicated medium account.

Huobi also has a very active youtube channel which is featuring Huobi Talk, through the channel it posts various tutorials, cryptocurrency information for traders, and comprehensive guides.   

Huobi Liquidity

Liquidity is a very important feature for any exchange. According to the data, Huobi had adjusted 24 hours trading volume of USD 1.24 billion which is quite notable. And because of its highest 24 hours trading volume, the exchange succeeded to be in the list of top 30 exchanges in the world.


Huobi Exchange Accessibility

It provides a mobile app supported by android and IOS users, so to trade on the mobile the users just need to download the app which makes it easily accessible. It also offers its client Huobi OTC, Huobi Chat Services, and Huobi Global for both mobile and desktop users.

Huobi Trading Fees

The Huobi exchange offers a fair-trading fee, it charges 0.20% trade fees for both the market makers and the traders, which is little below the global industry’s average fees 0.25%.

Huobi Withdrawal Fees

Like other exchanges it does charge the withdrawal fees, it charges the withdrawal fees amounting to 0.0001BTC when you withdraw BTC which is below the industry’s average.

And It does not charge Deposit fees.

Huobi Security

It offers a secure and reliable platform for trading, to protect the users from various theft, hacks, and other incidents Huobi has adopted a decentralized exchange structure, which helps in resisting the attack. The platform offers 2FA 2 factor Authentication, email, and SMS notification on phones. The exchange provides the facility of  Huobi Wallet, which make all coin and tokens obtainable, it is a professional multi-currency, crypto wallet helpful in a quick exchange. It allows you to buy, store, transfer, earn crypto like BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, and many more. It is considered a safe and secure platform that makes it easy to buy and sell and it makes sure that all your digital assets are safe and secure.

The majority of its digital assets are secured in the cold wallet and it has restricts the transaction limit of hot wallet for security measures. 

The Conclusion

Reading this review, you can clearly find out the important points about the exchange, such as the trading view of Huobi plus we have highlighted its various feature. The exchange is considered among the top 30 cryptocurrency exchange in the industry. It offers an amazing interface that is fast and user-friendly. 

The exchange’s trading and withdrawal fees are below the industry’s average which gives it an edge against all others in the market. Plus, how can we forget that the team stays up for 24 by 7 to offer customers the help they need.  Alongside this, it offers high liquidity and good security. Therefore, It is undoubtedly one of the best exchanges in the world.

Key HighLights

  • Huobi offer a huge variety of trading pairs and more than 90 cryptocurrencies.

  • It offers on the spot customer service. 

  • It provides protection to the user's funds. 

  • Huobi’s trading fees are very reasonable which 0.2 % for makers and takers. 

Compare with Other Top Exchange​


  • It serves the highest trading volume from around the globe

  • A very reliable platform for trading with bitcoin and other digital assets

  • Supports multiple payment options

  • Unmatched customer support with prompt resolution

  • Advanced trading features for users

  • It has its own native token, BNB, and various perks associated with the same when using BNB to trade on the platform


  • Supports multiple trading platforms

  • You can start with a minimum deposit of just $50

  • It shares huge educational resources for its users

  • Caters to customers query 24/7

  • Supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies

  • Offers high security to its users with high safety measures


  • Promotes high safety by using two-factor authentication for deposit as well as withdrawals

  • Users can continue without the KYC procedure

  • It is one of the exchanges with the fastest withdrawal time

  • Users can earn interest when locking a huge list of altcoins

  • It also offers a mobile app for android as well as iOS users

  • Makers earn a 0.05% fee for initiating trades

  • Benefits of Trading with Cryptos

  • Risks of Trading with Cryptos


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