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Hotbit is a cryptocurrency trading exchange, launched in the year 2018 and was registered in both Hong Kong and Estonia. The domicile country is still something that we cannot talk about with complete confirmation. The exchange offers more than 500 trading pair, along with several unique coins. The digital coins can be traded against pairs USDT, BTC, ETH, HTB, EOS, ATOM, BHD it keeps on updating its list with new coins. The exchange is ranked among the top exchanges in the world regarding the number of type of cryptocurrency project listed. At present, HotBit supports 6 languages i.e.(Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Thai, and  Turkish). The exchange has 650K users from more than 170 countries around the globe, out of which 90% are non- Chinese users. Hotbit provides good customer support, high liquidity, and offers an intuitive interface, a mobile app for trading. It also gives a platform that provides safety and security to its users.

The exchange announces its partnership with multiple partners such as F2pool, Sparks, My Token, Hashquark, etc. according to the statement made on 14th May 2019 the exchange will soon introduce its function of options trading to the users.

The exchange operates on four things, in particular, multicurrency, high liquidity, 24 hours of customer service and provides a secure and safe platform for users to trade.  All the above-mentioned features tell you why you should choose Hotbit. Now, let’s start our review of Hotbit in detail. 


How is the trading view of Hotbit exchange?

Trading views of exchanges differ from each other and there is no best trading view, as the best depends upon the choice of the users. The users themselves determine which trading view suits them the best on the basis of their comfort and requirements. The importance of the trading view depends on the technical analysis to finds an edge in the market.  All the trading views normally have in common is that it shows the pricing chart of the selected cryptocurrency, the buy and sell boxes, order book, etc. 

It provides a well-displayed chart in the center which gives an intuitive trading view, below the charts are the buy and the sell box. In the top right corner are the latest trade prices and on the lower right corner is the trade history similarly on the top left corner is for pair. It has indicators that help in maximizing profits and minimizing the loss.



The exchange’s liquidity is good, it is considered among the top 20 exchanges in the world in terms of 24 hours trading volume. There has been a constant increase in the trade volume of Hotbit over a period of years. According to the data, It was found that it has a trading volume of USD of 1.0 million in 24 hours. The trading volume of the exchange is so impressive that it's needless to say about liquidity.


Hotbit’s Trading fees

It is an important consideration when choosing a cryptocurrency trading exchange. The exchanges offer different fees for takers and the makers. It charges the takers with 0.20% of the order value, but those making the trades, i.e. the makers get paid for every trade. The maker's trading fee is -0.05% which you get after making a trade. The users can utilize the platform native Hotbit token to reduce the transaction fees of makers and takers.


Hotbit’s Withdrawal Fees

Another important point to consider before opting for any exchange is the withdrawal fees, the withdrawal fees are fixed regardless of the units withdrawn, and it varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. In Hotbit withdrawal transaction fees of cryptocurrency, the token is set on by the network cost and not the platform.

Hotbit does not charge fees for deposits.


Hotbit security

Hotbit provides good security features to protect its users from any theft or hacks. it provides a multi-level firewall system to keep a check on the data, a Cold wallet storage solution to protect customer funds, and last but not least it gives 2FA security for high protection against theft and scams.


Hotbit Customer Support

Hotbit offers 24 hours customer support to its users. If the customer has any query then they can contact customer service staff through any channel such as by submitting a support ticket, through the WeChat group, telegram channel, it has its Twitter account and Facebook account, etc. the exchange promises to provide the best and efficient service to its users.


The Conclusion

To conclude our review on Hotbit, Hotbit crypto exchange is definitely a great choice for traders. The exchange offers a wide array of trading pairs. In addition, it provides 24*7 hours of customer support. It has high liquidity and it leaves many other exchanges behind in terms of offerings and perks.

So, based on the above information on Hotbit crypto exchange, we can say that is a very trustworthy and geunine exchange to choose. 

Key HighLights

  • Hotbit offers over 500 cryptos for users to trade with. 

  • It offers web platforms as well as mobile apps to its users.

  • Hotbit charges different fees for makers and takers. It charges 0.20% of the order value from takers and trading fees for Makers Fee is -0.05%. This means that makers get 0.05% for every trade made. 

  • The exchange has a large number of users all over the world. 

  • Hotbit provides a multi-level firewall, cold wallet storage solution, and 2FA to give users a secure trading atmosphere.​

Compare with Other Top Exchange​


  • It serves the highest trading volume from around the globe

  • A very reliable platform for trading with bitcoin and other digital assets

  • Supports multiple payment options

  • Unmatched customer support with prompt resolution

  • Advanced trading features for users

  • It has its own native token, BNB, and various perks associated with the same when using BNB to trade on the platform


  • Promotes high safety by using two-factor authentication for deposit as well as withdrawals

  • Users can continue without the KYC procedure

  • It is one of the exchanges with the fastest withdrawal time

  • Users can earn interest when locking a huge list of altcoins

  • It also offers a mobile app for android as well as iOS users

  • Makers earn a 0.05% fee for initiating trades

  • Benefits of Trading with Cryptos

  • Risks of Trading with Cryptos


  • Supports multiple trading platforms

  • You can start with a minimum deposit of just $50

  • It shares huge educational resources for its users

  • Caters to customers query 24/7

  • Supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies

  • Offers high security to its users with high safety measures


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