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  • It serves the highest trading volume from around the globe

  • A very reliable platform for trading with bitcoin and other digital assets

  • Supports multiple payment options

  • Unmatched customer support with prompt resolution

  • Advanced trading features for users

  • It has its own native token, BNB, and various perks associated with the same when using BNB to trade on the platform


  • Supports multiple trading platforms

  • You can start with a minimum deposit of just $50

  • It shares huge educational resources for its users

  • Caters to customers query 24/7

  • Supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies

  • Offers high security to its users with high safety measures


  • Promotes high safety by using two-factor authentication for deposit as well as withdrawals

  • Users can continue without the KYC procedure

  • It is one of the exchanges with the fastest withdrawal time

  • Users can earn interest when locking a huge list of altcoins

  • It also offers a mobile app for android as well as iOS users

  • Makers earn a 0.05% fee for initiating trades


​Trading Bitcoins

With time, Bitcoin has gained huge popularity. Those who invested in its early years of inception have been able to earn unimaginable profits. And, those wanting to trade currently, definitely wants to do it because of the higher prospects the cryptocurrency carries with itself. However, there are two sides of the coin and the same goes with trading with bitcoins or any other digital asset, for that matter.


Starting with its various perks, one must also gain insight of the risks associated with Bitcoins. No wonder why a lot of people are still not been able to consider cryptocurrencies a trading option. Many users do not have proper knowledge about this niche of the market and others just don’t have that kind of funds to invest in the most expensive crypto – Bitcoin.


Hence, it is important to understand what are the various advantages and risks of trading with bitcoin. And, if trading with bitcoin seems too expensive, one must find out the various other options for cryptos to trade with. All these details could help every struggling trader to earn huge profit.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies

Apart from the advantages one can earn by exchanging one crypto to another or with fiat as well, users trade cryptos because of the various ways these coins are useful in day today operation. Here are a few examples of owning cryptos:

Complete Freedom of Payment

Decentralized System of Transfer

Great Benefits to Vendors

Low Transaction Fee

Complete Freedom of Payment

Well! This is one of the biggest advantages of bitcoin or various other digital assets. Because these aren’t present physically, sharing it over web is pretty quick and easy.


Most of all, you do not require to wait for days to get your transactions approved from any central authority. Using peer to peer technology, these transactions are done in matter of seconds or minutes.

With transparent public ledger, it become easy for one to check the transactions anytime, anywhere. However, it does not mean that the private information of the wallet is available too.


It is safe and secure. Above all, no one has the permission to manipulate your wallet, neither any individual, or authority including government bodies.

Yes, that is true. If you are dealing with products or services, you may like to know what advantages bitcoin or other cryptos offer to you.


First of all, the transactions are irreversible. So, once paid, no one could take it back from you. Hence, your payments are guaranteed.

Again, something that is highly advantageous to vendors as well as consumers and individuals. Transacting with bitcoin or other cryptos means paying lower fees.


You can compare the transaction fee among exchanges and gather the details of the one offering lowest fee in your jurisdiction. Although it depends on exchange to exchange, the fees are always cheaper than the transaction fee one pays for transferring fiat currencies.

Risks of Cryptocurrencies

Now, let us find out some of the most important aspects of trading with cryptos that put the niche in the grey area for traders.

High Volatility

The fluctuation of bitcoin price is very high. It can increase and drop suddenly, depending on the market emotions. There have been such incidences before when traders do lose their funds. However,


one must understand the need for seeking expert guidance when not sure how to trade with bitcoins and other digital assets.

Limited Acceptance

Even after these many years into existence, not every business or individual accept bitcoins. In other words, you may be ready to pay using bitcoin but you may not find a lot of companies or businesses accepting the payment form.


Hence, its usage is very limited. Though growing, it will still take time to progress and become globally accepted.

Regular Fiat Currencies vs Crypto Currencies

Fiat Currencies

  • Fiat currencies are a physical medium for payments and exchanges, referred through coins, paper money, or bills.

  • These have no restrictions on the limits of supply and can be created and supplied when and as needed.

  • The fiat currencies are issued by the government of each country. It is managed through a centralized system and controlled by financial bodies like banks and laws of every nation.

  • The value isn't very volatile and determined using market regulations.


  • Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are present in the digital form and do not have any physical presence.

  • The supply is restricted and limited and varies from one cryptocurrency to another. Each cryptocurrency has a maximum mining limit.

  • Generated with the help of algorithms and a process called crypto mining. It is carried using computers.

  • Isn't controlled by any authority and is decentralized.

  • The crypto values are highly volatile and depend on market sentiments that govern its supply and demand.


Our website is designed for educational purposes. We do not offer any financial guidance or advice for making crypto trades. For any such consultation, you must look for the concerned team. To give you some tips, always stick to the investment of funds that you can lose without much risks.

Please note, we earn an affiliate advertising commission for recommending crypto exchanges and wallets and use those funds for the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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